Making Pottery

The Bwari Story

The Bwari Soap Company was set up in 2009 at the Bwari Pottery Village, a place of creativity and cultural exchange. Katrin Macmillan and Shireen Mahdi joined forces with Stephen and Lare Mhya of Bwari Pottery Village to train a small group of women in soap and shea butter production and product development.

This collaboration arose through a chance encounter and has grown from
a single idea to the development of a strong community business, creating
jobs for local women in the process.
Our pricing is competitive and we are committed to providing top quality products.


The Wonderbox Save80

At Bwari Soap Co we make our soaps using the Wonderbox Save 80 fuel-efficient stove. The Save 80 saves 80% of the wood consumed with a traditional open fire. The Wonderbox is a heat retaining box which can be used to cook without fuel and keeps the contents at high temperatures for many hours. This means that we are saving trees and reducing carbon emissions.
To find out more about the Wonderbox

Save 80 down load the fact sheet here.